ILF 1000

The BOFA inline pre filter 1000 has been designed specifically for applications that generate high amounts of dust or particulate.

This inline filter unit is positioned alongside the main BOFA fume filtration system to increase the overall filter capacity and extend the life of the main filters. The DeepPleat DUO pre-filter incorporates a massive drop-out chamber within the filter, having a volume area of 15ltrs. Above the drop-out chamber but still within the housing there is a sealed 200mm deep pleat layer of F8 media giving a surface area in excess of 30 sq metres.

System Technology:

DeepPleat DUO.

DeepPleat DUO

Reverse Flow Air Technology.

Reverse Flow Air Technology

Patented Technology.

Patented Technology

SureCheck Quality Standard.

SureCheck Quality Standard

  • Standard Features
  • Extended filter life
  • Large filtration area
  • DeepPleat DUO pre filter technology
  • Filters with long life and low replacement cost
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